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Have you been looking for a powerful, professional, cost effective shopping cart catalog system for a while? Look no further, AAcart is a complete, powerful, professional shopping cart catalog system that will meet your needs. Yet, it is so easy to use. AAcart enables you to setup and maintain your E-store through a web browser which can be accessible at any time from anywhere. There are many attractive web styles to choose from for the fastest web design and web store integration. Use a web browser to add, delete, edit product and categories. Check and print sales report, inventory etc... with just a few clicks. Take control of your web site without any programming, html or internet knowledge. All you need to know is how to use a web browser.

AAcart was developed with the end user and web store administrator in mind. Professional looking and user friendly web stores and simple administration is our goal. Visitors can easily browse the store by main categories and sub categories or search for products using our powerful product search engine. Administrators can do all of their administrative work with a few clicks of the mouse. As a leader in the E-commerce technology field, AAcart continues to refine and improve our E-commerce software. Engineers at are constantly developing new features, new web styles and improving the user interface to be more user friendly. We are confident that you, like many others, will find AAcart to be a perfect solution for your E-business. Don't take our word for it. Take a look at our beautiful DEMO STORES and take a FREE TEST DRIVE yourself!

Product Features
SSL Secured Shopping Cart
  • Secure online ordering using industry standard SSL(Secure Socket Layer) encryption assures customer's confidence by encrypting customer's sensitive information such as credit card number while the data is in transit. For added protection, these sensitive information are also encrypted in our database.

Real Time Shipping Charge and Sales Tax Calculation
  • Real time shipping charge and sales tax calculation base on shipping destination.
  • AAcart uses UPS's shipping cost database to calculate shipping cost in real time.
  • AAcart charges shoppers for sales tax if the shipping destination is in the same state as the merchant. Sales tax rate is specify by the merchant.
  • Additional handling fee can be added to shipping charge. Additional fee can be a flat amount and/or an additional percentage amount.

Payment Options Supported

Powerful Discount System
  • Flat amount discount based on minimum purchase.
  • Free shipping based on minimum purchase.
  • Merchants can issue discount coupons and shoppers can input the discount coupon and get the discount based on minimum purchase.

Shopping Basket Summary
  • Displays content summary of the shopping basket when an item is added to the cart or when shoppers click on the shopping cart.
  • Product name, availability, quantity, unit price, total price, subtotal, shipping, tax, grand total is displayed.
  • Customers can easily delete or change the quantity of any product at the shopping cart summary page. Customers can also look at the product in detail by click on the product name.

Fast and Powerful Product Search Engine
  • With AAcart's fast and powerful product search engine, shoppers can search for specific products based on key words and sub string key words.
  • AAcart's product search engine is optimized for performance and search thoroughness. With our sophisticated search algorithm, no product is going to be missed.

Product Association
  • If a shopper likes a particular item, he/she will be happy to find out that related products can be conveniently browsed by a single click.

Product Options and Real Time Price Recalculation
  • If you have products whose prices change based on some options being chose by shoppers, AAcart can recalculate and display this price change in real time. For example, you can offer customers selectable options on a computer system such as: CPU upgrade from a 700Mhz to a 800Mhz for $100 more; Memory downgrade from 128MB to 64MB for $60 less. If the customer choose a different option, the price will reflect the change instantly.
  • Each product can have up to 100 options (size, color, material, width, length etc...).
  • Each option can be with or without a price.
  • You can specify arithmetic operations on option prices. Option prices can add, subtract, multiply, divide each other. In other words, you can fully customize product price base on some options being chosen.

Customers Know Total Cost Before Checkout
  • Customers feel more comfortable when they know the exact total cost including actual shipping charge and sales tax before checkout.
  • Customers only need to fill in the destination zipcode, then our shopping cart will find the destination state according to the destination zipcode. Our shopping cart will calculate sales tax if the destination state is the same as the merchant's state. Otherwise the sales tax will be zero. Our shopping cart will also calculate shipping cost according to UPS's shipping cost database based on the destination zipcode.
  • Customers only need to fill in the destination zipcode once and our shopping cart will remember it for the rest of the shopping session. When customers add more items to the shopping basket, they don't need to fill in the destination zipcode again to see the actual shipping charge and sales tax because our shopping cart remembers it.

Wholesale Catalog Features
  • Our advanced catalog system allows a merchant to have up to four different prices for each product. The merchant can control the price level that each customer gets by their order history or other criteria.
  • Customers will only be able to see the price that the merchant has assigned to them. The purchase amount will be calculated based on the price level assigned to the customer.
  • The merchant can also control the default price level for anonymous customers and new customers.
  • Wholesale merchants can choose to disable shipping calculation based on UPS charges. This is useful for merchants that utilizes other methods of shippment.
  • Wholesale merchants can choose whether to accept credit card payment.

Sales and Tax Reports
  • Provides reports on total gross sales, total out of state sales (excluding shipping), total in state sales (excluding shipping and sales tax), total shipping, total sales tax within a specified date range. These information will be helpful in filing tax returns.

Manage Orders, Charges, Refunds Online
  • View, edit, void, print orders online.
  • When you change or void an order, the shopping cart program will prompt you and automatic refund or charge the customer for the difference (with verisign pay flow pro payment method only). Automatic accounting and bookkeeping.

Product Management and Inventory Control
  • View products sorted by stock so you can tell which product needs to be restocked.
  • Our automatic inventory control system keeps track of inventory by subtracting from the product stock when a product is sold.
  • Our program will show a product as backordered if the product's stock is zero.
  • You can control product positioning on your web site by assigning product rating. For example, you can decide which products should appear on the home page by assigning higher product ratings to these products. Product ranking will be dynamically increased by the number of products sold to reflect the popularity of the product. The number of products sold will also be kept by our program.

Multi-Package Shipping and Order Tracking System
  • Customers can logon to your web site to track their current orders or view their order history online. Customers can find out the current location of the package by by clicking on the tracking number, whether it is on UPS's train or Fedex's airplane or Airborn's station.
  • If an order is split into multiple packages, customers can still easily track the order since our shopping cart associates each package with one tracking number.

Multi-Security Level Base On User Rights
  • Administrative user access can be fully controlled. For example, shipping department users can be given access to ship orders but denied other administrative previleges.

Other Great Features
  • Web based mail for easy mail access
  • Automatic email confirmation for every order.
  • Products can be displayed with or without images or description.
  • Products are organized by main categories and sub categories. Products can belong to more than one category.
  • Products can be grouped in groupings such as "Best Sellers" or "Coming Soon".
  • Your website configurations and data are backup regularly to ensure maximum security.
  • Our powerful software provides uninterrupted service even during web site updates or backup.
  • Complete online administration through a web browser.
  • Products can be temporarily deactivated when it is out of stock and reactivated later by a single click.
  • Full integration with to allow fast, efficient batch printing of shipping labels with the proper postages. Save time and money with Sign up today for an $80 offer!

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